Michael Kalmanovitch:

Green MP Candidate for Edmonton Strathcona

When you vote for me, Michael Kalmanovitch, you will be voting for the values that I represent in my daily life – fairness, respect, equity, a balanced and vibrant economy, and a healthy planet.

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  • Evolution Wonderlounge is hosting a forum on LGBTQ2S+ issues as they pertain to the upcoming federal elections. I will be representing the Greens at this event. I do hope a representative from the Conservative party shows up. I have a sense that their party has fundamentally shifted further to the right on the issue ofContinue reading →

  • On Monday, October 7th there will be an English leaders’ debate. The debate starts at 7 pm EDT (5 pm Mountain). You can stream it via YouTube, CTV, CPAC, or on CBC. This will look like one of the US style debates because the stage will be quite crowded with 6 leaders participating: Liberal LeaderContinue reading →

  • Though this is directed towards students it is open to anyone to attend. These are the three main questions that they will address and then open the candidate to questions from the audience: One question will ask about what actions each candidate’s party would take in order to make post-secondary education more affordable One questionContinue reading →


Michael has been a community leader in Edmonton for a generation. He was one of the first business people to display a rainbow flag in the window, and the first that I witnessed putting the planet and people ahead of profits. To me, Michael Kalmanovitch embodies integrity. He would be a fine representative for Edmonton Strathcona in Ottawa, and I have no doubt that his leadership within the Green Party would keep it on a sustainable path as we navigate this very difficult time for the planet.
Conrad Norbert – BSc, MSc, NAIT instructor, walk/bike activist, father and spouse, co-designer, Mill Creek Net Zero House