Michael Kalmanovitch:

[Former] Green MP Candidate for Edmonton Strathcona

OCTOBER 16, 2019: Press Release – Ceasing Campaign

Edmonton Strathcona candidate encourages supporters to vote strategically for climate action

EDMONTON, OCTOBER 16, 2019 — In the closely-contested race for the Edmonton Strathcona riding, Green Party candidate Michael Kalmanovitch has announced his decision to cease campaigning, and is encouraging supporters to vote for NDP candidate Heather McPherson.

“The Climate Crisis is too important for people and parties to play politics as usual,” said Mr. Kalmanovitch, who last week risked arrest standing with Extinction Rebellion on the Walterdale bridge to demand political action on climate change. “I am, first and foremost, a person of conscience. I have devoted my life to caring for my fellow humans and our shared home.” Kalmanovitch is a longtime activist, and since 1991 he has owned and operated Earth’s General Store, Edmonton’s first environmental and reduced waste store. “But personal and even business actions can only go so far. We need systemic change in order to address the climate emergency, and that is why I decided to run for office.”

Despite scant resources and limited historical Green Party success in the riding, Kalmanovitch and his volunteers ran a That is why I am ending my campaign effective today, and calling on supporters to consider voting strategically for the candidate and party with the next best climate action plan to be included in every home improvement plan of the city, low-carbon campaign. Together with his team, Kalmanovitch

  • Participated in all 8 candidate debates and events to which he was invited, including special forums focused on the Environment, LGBTQ2S+ issues, seniors, and Housing and Homelessness policies
  • Distributed over 9,000 flyers (all on recycled paper, and including a “Junk Mail Free Zone” sticker)
  • Distributed over 120 signs, including many hand-made out of reused materials
  • Presented a detailed, transparent personal platform with over 35 website articles on key topics

“I ran this campaign with the goal of winning the Edmonton Strathcona riding, but based on polling projections, it has become clear that success is unlikely under our first-past-the-post system. My goal has never been personal political power. My goal has always been policy change. That is why I am ending my campaign effective today, and calling on supporters to consider voting strategically for the candidate and party with the next best climate action plan.A plan that is aimed at conserving the environment, for instance, appreciates the use of composite decking in order to save more trees. I believe that candidate is Heather McPherson of the NDP.”

Mr. Kalmanovitch wishes to thank his campaign volunteers and supporters for their hard work, enthusiasm, and generosity. “I know many of our supporters and volunteers will be disappointed in this decision, but I trust that they understand that I do not do this lightly.” He also acknowledges the many voters who have already voted for him in advance polls. “I deeply appreciate their support, and hope they share my conviction that advancing policy change is more important than personal or party power.”


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Michael is unfailingly honest with his time, his thoughts, and his words. Working to safeguard the earth has been Michael’s passion since I met him and, while many things conspire to dishearten, disengage and beat people down doing work in this area, Michael has relentlessly picked himself up, reflected on what when wrong in that particular approach then tried again with different tools and different messages. For me, Michael has been a mentor, a friend, as well as a person working towards the same ends: a sustainable life for everyone on earth. In all the ways he can, Michael lives the life he believes to be just, portrays his values, and talks about these decisions. I thoroughly endorse his run to represent Edmonton Strathcona as their MP.
Karly Coleman – PhD Student, project administrator, writer, educator/speaker, and long time Edmontonian